”Outstanding. Such a skilled and genuinely helpful and enthusiastic assistant. Was offering me accurate and useful advice off her own back using her years of experience and took on my project with the care and pride as someone working the project for herself not for a fee. Didn’t ask and wouldn’t accept accept payment until both her and I were happy with the finished product.

I can’t speak highly enough of how helpful and proficient she was. Produced the perfect finished product to my exact specifications and even though I kept asking for small edits and even changed my mind on a couple of things, didn’t make any fuss and did the work promptly and furthermore, enthusiastically.
I actually feel that without her help, I and someone else would have produced an inferior design and product. Thanks Sidonie, you are a star.”

Firas Gaur, Owner, Inventory Squad, UK

“As a busy international business traveller – I needed help with data administration and inputting of business expenses which were mounting up after several months.

Sidonie has been very responsive and proactive in the work she has undertaken for me to resolve this, often turning around work quicker than expected..   She is clearly capable of working independently and with little direction.

We have put new improved processes in place and Sidonie will remain firmly a part of this going forward in future.”

Mario-Costa SA, Company Director, London
”Sidonie joined Cricket Haven few weeks back as a Customer Service Agent, she is punctual and performing her duties well.”
Kamlesh Bikram, Owner, Cricket Haven, UK